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Contact: Kimberly Ross, Project Manager (202) 210-2427

Welcome to the tour that examines science, technology, engineering, math, art, and wonderment through the brilliant, massive painting by James Williams II, Little Rooster and the Mechanical Robots. The painting is offered for exhibition in STEM and art educational institutions, primary and secondary schools, and colleges and universities to encourage and inspire students.

Williams created the protagonist character, Little Rooster, a young energetic boy in the 1930s who becomes an explorer when visiting the outside world. In Little Rooster and the Mechanical Robots, Little Rooster tinkers in his father’s science laboratory, surrounded by engineers, electronic equipment, and gigantic robots.

Through Little Rooster and the Mechanical Robots, students are introduced to the magnitude of STEM’s effects. Educators can use it as a guide to demonstrate relationships between STEM and computer games, cell phones, rockets, skyscrapers, science fiction, music, and even city murals. When referencing today’s technologies, the painting additionally provides evidence that scientific discoveries are ever evolving.

We offer a quality list of contemporary support programs or can assist you in developing or enhancing programs and events that will support the exhibit and further engage students.

The tour of Little Rooster and the Mechanical Robots aims to advocate STEM and art education, help lessen the digital divide, and inspire a new generation of STEM and art leaders, while adding a beautiful, fresh aesthetic to educational spaces.

Born in Syracuse, NY in 1982, James Williams II (pictured with his wife, Ty) received his Associate’s degree in Graphic Arts from Onondaga Community College in Syracuse. In 2004, he received his Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from the State University of New York at Cortland. Williams studied for his Masters at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, and, in 2009, was awarded the prestigious Joan Mitchell Foundation MFA Grant to further his artistic career and aid his transition from academic to professional studio work. Williams is a strong academic, assisting his professors and tutoring students throughout his educational years. He has aided on subjects from basic color theory to calculus.

Williams’ work places a fresh face on art surrealism and has been exhibited in IAM Gallery (New York), CUE Art Foundation (New York), and Galerie Myrtis (Baltimore). Among his pieces featured in the media are Bridesmaid, Mount Royal, Graduate Studio Center, and Little Rooster and the Mechanical Robots. About the latter, Williams states, “I narrate stories that depict personal moments or experiences in my life. My paintings of Little Rooster parallel many scenarios from my life. Despite his longing to remain a child, events force him to confront the burdens of adulthood. An adult often sees the world as gray and monotonous, but a child sees color and endless possibilities.”

Number of Works: One painting

Owner: Changamiré, Jazz Vocalist & Executive Music Producer

Organized By: Ross Global Management LLC and Galerie Myrtis

Medium: Oil on canvas

Dimensions: 66” x 77”

Requirements: Insurance, secured location, climate control, approximately 50 square feet, unveiling ceremony or media event

Participation Fee: Contact us

Booking Period: Minimum 30 days

Shipping: Ross Global Management makes all arrangements; exhibitors pay roundtrip shipping costs

Availability: Beginning January 2012

Contact: Kimberly Ross, Project Manager (202) 210-2427

Ross Global Management LLC (RGM) provides project management and business services to up-start, small, and non-profit organizations. In addition to over 10 years experience in developing, managing, and advising for a wide range of projects and programs, RGM has extensive experience in publishing and information technology. This ensures high-quality content and cutting-edge application for clients.

Ross Global Management and the Little Rooster and the Mechanical Robots tour are a perfect partnership, with both having a commitment to STEM education. RGM proudly offers computer lessons to seniors, a demographic often overlooked in STEM discussions. Through Little Rooster, RGM can enjoy encouraging students of all ages.

An acute attention to detail and impeccable soft skills are RGM signature trademarks in delivering projects on time, budget, and with successful results.

Ross Global Management – Valuable Detail, Deadline Driven.